The world's most powerful algorithms—for everyone.

About Onu

The latest advances in computation are awe-inspiring, from big data to machine learning to image recognition. But these techniques are difficult to understand and implement, and can require massive computational and engineering resources. Onu is advancing the frontiers of computer science in a way that makes the power of cutting-edge algorithms accessible to all.

Onu was founded by leading computer scientists and accomplished entrepreneurs. We work closely with leading researchers in academia and industry. Our ambitions befit the caliber of our supporters and contributors.

We are focused on creating wonderful, invaluable product experiences and an indispensible cloud platform. These efforts are supported by our research efforts in parallelized algorithms, high-performance computing, and machine learning. In addition to our product development and work with pre-launch clients in industry, we are honored to conduct work under a DARPA contract from the U.S. Government.

We are financially stable and you can expect to hear more about us later in the year.

Collaboration and Hiring

We believe in openness and are always looking to work with great people. We stand on the shoulders of giants and collaborate with world-leading researchers in academia and industry. If you're interested in what we are doing, drop us a note at and let us know how you think we can work together. We are open to various arrangements.

If you're interested in being hired, here is a bit more about us. Our team has had prior startup success, enjoys a collegial culture, and believes in open source. We are based in Silicon Valley but open to remote candidates. We have Full time, Contract, Postdoctoral, and Intern positions available. We care deeply about having a positive work environment and working with good people in mutually beneficial ways that lead to great relationships. In other words, we want you to enjoy working with us, and vice versa!

If you have experience in CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, MPI, and/or full stack programming, we'd especially like to hear from you, but feel free to get in touch if you believe your skills and interests overlap with us in other ways too.

Give Onu a Try

We are currently in closed beta. Join our Waiting List by sending an email to and you'll be among the first to hear when we publicly launch our platform. If you want a sneak preview, please provide a bit of detail about your use case. Whether you're a data scientist, an algorithms afficionado, or a big data engineer, we think you'll want to see this!


Onu Technology
7280 Blue Hill Dr., Suite 2
San Jose, CA 95129

We are in the heart of Silicon Valley:
- Right next to 85 and De Anza Blvd.; close to 280.
- 10 minutes from San Jose International Airport.
- Straight shot on 85 from the Mountain View Caltrain.
- <5 minutes to Apple, 10 minutes to Google, 10 minutes to Nvidia, and much more.
- Quick access to Stanford University, U.C. Santa Cruz, S.J.S.U., and Santa Clara University. Berkeley and Davis are also within reach.